Are you ready to serve? Check out these six titles in Amicus’s PROTECTING OUR PEOPLE series.

“Eye-popping graphics and action-packed stories encourage independent reading while learning career basics.” – School Library Journal

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What does it take to serve our country and protect our people? What does the U.S. Secret Service really do? Could you be an FBI agent some day? Read these books for an introduction to the important service men and women in these jobs do to keep people safe.

Now available from Amicus, Amazon, and some titles available at Barnes and Noble.

And one more — from Capstone

US Special Ops

 Readers will be fascinated by stats about the U.S. special ops that bring the subject to life. From information detailing the intense training special ops forces go through to amazing information about the weapons and other machines they use, readers will get a real feel for what special ops is all about.


Now available from Capstone, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

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    • Thanks Charlene. They have been a big hit with elementary schoolers. I’ve been lucky enough to do some school visits with the books, and it’s great fun to see how excited the students are. Thanks for stopping by!

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