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Bagel Bird Feeder


Wondering what to do with a few leftover bagels? Why make a birdfeeder, of course! My children originally came across this idea on National Wildlife Federation’s Wild Animal Baby Explorers TV show. It was quick and easy and perfect for cleaning out the fridge.

You’ll need:

  • Plain bagels, cut in half
  • Newspaper
  • Peanut butter
  • Birdseed
  • String

What you’ll do:

Cut the bagels in half; each half makes one feeder. Lay down newspaper to protect your work surface.

Have the children smear peanut butter all over the cut side of the bagel.


Sprinkle birdseed onto your newspaper and moosh (that’s a technical term) the peanut butter side into the birdseed so it really sticks.

Then cut and tie a length of string through the hole in the bagel. Now you’re ready to hang your birdfeeder. Pick a location where you can watch the birds from your window, but make sure the feeder is in an area where you don’t mind falling birdseed.

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