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Water Painting (Minus the Color)


On a trip to Lowe’s yesterday, my little one insisted on holding the paintbrush that was in our cart. He refused to part with it, even when we got home. He ran into the backyard, dipped the brush into his water table and started painting.

Since painting with water is definitely less mess than sidewalk chalk, I thought this was a brilliant plan. In the garage, I found an old foam, paint roller and another, smaller paintbrush. I discovered that an old yogurt container is the perfect size for holding “paint,” though a small bucket works too.

When my older son got home from school, he joined in the game, painting a portrait of himself (above). The best part of the morning was cleanup, which happened within a few minutes thanks to the sun. As a bonus, I think we even got some of the lingering sidewalk chalk cleaned up too!

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