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Disappearing Halloween Candy

Are you ready to make your Halloween candy disappear (and I don’t mean into your little one’s belly)? Have no fear; it’s science experiments to the rescue!

The website and blog Candy Experiments is a great resource for fun ways to ditch the candy. The site has experiments for all seasons, including Easter and Christmas (floating Peeps, anyone?).

When doing the experiments below, try to walk the children through the scientific method. Help them develop a simple question, for example, “Are Smarties acidic?” Then have them make a prediction: “I think Smarties are acidic.” For young children, you might have them draw a picture of what they expect to see. When doing the experiment, ask the children to talk about what they are observing: “Wow, the Smarties make bubbles when we add baking soda.” Then discuss your conclusions.

Here are a few you might try courtesy of Candy Experiments:

You can test fruit-flavored candies like Smarties, Nerds, Warheads, etc. to see if they are acidic. Just dissolve the candies in a little warm water and add some baking soda. If you see bubbles, the candy is acidic. (Scientific question: Is this candy acidic?)

Using heat, like a hairdryer, you can separate the cocoa butter, cocoa solids and other ingredients in chocolate. (Scientific question: How does heat affect chocolate?)

You can make the Ms from M&Ms and the S from Skittles float while the candy sinks. Drop them in water with the letter side facing up and watch. (Scientific question: Do M&Ms float?)

Microwaving a chewy candy like Starburst creates an oil slick, since they have a high oil content. (Scientific question: Are Starburst high or low in fat?)

These candy experiments are guaranteed to make you not only smarter, but also thinner, since you won’t be helping your children eat their candy.

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