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Field Trip – Channel 3 Newsroom

My aspiring anchors

Nothing stimulates curiosity like a good field trip. Fortunately, I’m part of a wonderful MOMS Club, and we schedule at least one field trip each month. This month, we took the kiddos to our local TV Station, Time Warner Cable’s Channel 3.

The children got to stand in front of the weatherman’s blue screen and do their own weather forecast. They got a kick out of seeing themselves on TV. They also got to see how the cameras and teleprompters worked. They visited the master control room and tried out the anchor desk. They even got to watch a local Sheriff tape a news segment.

Today's weather is partly cloudy

While I highly recommend finding a local MOMS Club or similar group, you don’t necessarily need a group to schedule a field trip. Many places are more than happy to arrange a tour for a small group of moms with toddlers and preschoolers in tow.

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