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Nonfiction Friday – Inside Volcanoes

Taking my children to Barnes and Noble is like going to Costco: I can’t get out of there without spending way more than I intended. On a recent afternoon, we were there to get a free cupcake for my son’s birthday, one of the perks of joining Barnes and Noble’s Kids’ Club. I vowed not to buy books or toys. We had new books and toys at home after all, thanks to the birthday celebrations.

We did go to the children’s section –just to look — and came home with “Inside Volcanoes” by Melissa Stewart (Sterling Children’s Books 2011). This book combines vivid pictures with informative graphics and pages that fold out, making the reading experience interactive. Children learn about the Earth’s composition, how volcanoes develop and the science of plate tectonics. Readers also learn about types of eruptions and how volcanologists study and rate them. Stewart discusses undersea volcanoes and volcanoes on other planets, like Mars, our favorite.There’s also a review of famous “Blasts from the Past” like Mt. Pinatubo, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Tambora.

A child’s interest in dinosaurs or other planets would serve as a natural lead-in to this book. Author Melissa Stewart’s Web site has a rich resource section for teachers and homeschoolers. You can access it by clicking……here. Unfortunately, it looks like the volcano materials are not online yet. However, you’ll find tons of resources and activities focused on other science subjects.

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