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Gift Giving Collage

My children have been poring over the Toys R Us flyers for several weeks now. In fact, when my eldest sat on Santa’s lap the other day, he immediately rattled off a well-rehearsed list of the top five gifts he wants for Christmas. And, he and his little brother have been coaching each other on what they want: “Finley, remember I want the Nerf dart blaster. The blue one.”

So, yes, I would say my children are getting a little focused on the gift receiving aspect of Christmas. Enter, a great online resource: Monthly Teacher, an e-newsletter chock full of worksheets, lesson plans and other educational resources. (Thanks to my Mom for introducing it to me). There I came across the idea of making a gift-giving collage.

Here’s what you need:

Inserts from your Sunday paper (or old magazines)

Construction paper




Here’s what you do:

I gave each boy a piece of construction paper and part of the Sunday Toys R Us insert. I asked them to think about what their brother liked, and try to find pictures in the Toys R Us insert of toys the other might enjoy. When they found a picture that might make a good gift for the other brother, we cut it out and glued it on the collage. Then I wrote “Gift ideas for” and the brother’s name at the top.

I will warn you that at ages 3 and 5 this devolved into another session of “what I want from Toys R Us” pretty quickly. However, I think this concept would be appropriate for children starting around age 5. I do plan to hang onto the collages and take them with us when I take each boy shopping for a present for his brother. My husband started this tradition last year as a way to reinforce that the season is about giving and not just receiving.

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