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Wrapping paper stars

I’m swimming in a sea of used wrapping paper, and it’s not even Christmas yet. I wrapped 25 Christmas books, and we’re opening and reading one a day as a countdown until Christmas. Few of the pieces of paper are large enough to reuse, and the “greenie” in me hates to put it all in the recycling bin.

I found this wrapping paper stars project on FamilyFun. With a few modifications, it’s a fun project to do with your children’s help. First, a note about the sizes. The activity suggests cutting 5 x 5 inch squares, which results in a star 10 inches across. This is too big for tree ornaments or to adorn packages, in my opinion, so we cut 3 x 3 inch squares instead. We did make one larger star to hang from our breakfast light fixture.

Second, to make this activity more child friendly, I made the following adjustments: I drew a 3 x 3 inch template on cardboard and cut it out. My five-year-old could then trace the squares on the wrapping paper and cut them out using his scissors. Children who are skilled with scissors also could make the three cuts required to form the stars. Perhaps my son’s favorite part was handing me pieces of tape.

Once you’ve formed all the star points, you are supposed to attach them together at the midpoints to form a chain using tape. This didn’t seem to hold, so I went back and used a stapler. You also might try a needle and thread, which is what I used to bring all the points together at the center. All in all, this was a fun activity to do while watching a Christmas special or listening to Christmas tunes.

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