Nature, Outside

A walk in the desert

For some reason, taking a nature walk has become a kind of New Year’s tradition. Typically, we have lots of time on our hands around the holidays, and the museums we frequent are closed. The kids have played with their new toys and are getting bored and restless. The bottom line: it’s time to get out of the house.

This year, we made sure to tote our “explorer gear.” We brought along binoculars to spot wildlife, a magnifying glass in case we found interesting bugs or rocks, and brand-new walkie talkies “in case we got lost,” according to Finley. We spotted rabbits, a roadrunner and a variety of birds. We collected tumbleweeds. We ran. We explored. We enjoyed being outside on the trails.

Nature looks a lot different in the wintertime, even in southern California. A nature walk can prompt children to ponder: where did the birds go? What do animals do in the wintertime? What do they eat?  Exploring the trails is a perfect adventure in any season.

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