It’s in the cards

Lots of love, that is.

As much as possible, I try to enlist my children in making birthday cards, Mother’s Day cards, Father’s Day cards and the like for a variety of reasons. I don’t know if you’ve checked the price tags on store-bought cards lately, but some of the musical cards approach the price of a dozen roses. Despite the money matters, how much cooler is it to receive a home-made card, especially from a dear friend or grandchild? Now that’s a card that actually means something. Finally, card-making is a practical way to engage children in arts and crafts. My two boys are not much for coloring, cutting and designing. However, if someone’s birthday or a holiday is on the horizon, they will oblige me with making a card.

With that said, I am always on the lookout for great card-making ideas. FamilyFun has some of the best I’ve seen,and I’ve used many of their templates and instructions. Here are some of our favorites:

Do you prefer homemade or store-bought cards? Do you have any fun card designs you’d like to share?

4 thoughts on “It’s in the cards”

  1. My favorite cards are home-made ones. My honorary nephews are getting a little too old for this (sigh. being in University will do that to kids…) but the younger one still occasionally obliges with a card from “Connor Cards, Inc.” (He’s not much younger, so those will likely stop soon.) The boys used to draw pictures of birds on cards for Mum and Dad, because my parents were avid birders.

    Pressed flowers under clear contact paper are great.

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