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Easter Egg Color Mixing

This year I decided against buying the usual box of egg-dye pellets. Normally the box has at least 8 colors and mixing all of them is quite a project, especially with little ones. Instead, I decided to turn egg dying into a color mixing activity, allowing the kids to learn about primary vs. secondary colors.

Here’s the recipe I used for the dye: 1 tsp. white vinegar, 1/4 tsp. food coloring and 1 cup of hot water. I only prepared the 3 primary colors: red, yellow and blue. I mixed the dyes in disposable cups placed on top of cookie sheets. Yes, I was anticipating some spills. We explained that the boys would have to dip in yellow first, then blue to make green, for example. My dad found some wire in the garage and made egg dippers, which made the activity go a bit more smoothly.

We even got in some counting practice as we waited for the eggs to adopt their vibrant hues. Here are some pictures of the boys and “Grandmommy” dying eggs.

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8 thoughts on “Easter Egg Color Mixing”

  1. Looks like fun! We just did the same thing this morning, though w/the kit. Yours turned out great!

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