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WOW MOM: Mother’s Day Card Symmetry

Mom, if you are reading this blog post, please STOP. Right now. Delete this email immediately. Close your Web browser. Walk away.

Is she gone?

Ok, I’m going to let you in on a little secret — our homemade Mother’s Day cards. This year’s design comes from Loreen Leedy, author of the captivating math-based picture book, Seeing Symmetry. Loreen has a host of symmetry-related activities on her TeachersPayTeachers site, including the template for this WOWMOM card ($3) (Note: Her TeachersPayTeachers site has a free activity pack for the book Seeing Symmetry.)

Cooper asked me about symmetry just the other day. I’m not sure where he’d heard about it. Because he’d asked about the concept, making this card was a perfect opportunity to learn about the topic. While Cooper was decorating (with glitter glue, of course), I pulled some of Finley’s construction paper letters off the wall where they hang, so we could talk about which ones had symmetry.

Does Cooper understand symmetry now? Nope. I think that’s a fourth-grade math standard. But our glitter glue WOWMOM cards are sure to wow the moms in our lives. What do you have planned for Mother’s Day?

19 thoughts on “WOW MOM: Mother’s Day Card Symmetry”

  1. I might get the kids to try that and just pretend I’m not there. I’m saving my mum’s upcoming birthday and mother’s day stuff for when I visit them in Uk in July, can’t wait!

  2. I think I’ll email your post to my husband. I try not to have any expectations for Mother’s Day. Half of my Mother’s Days (since becoming a mother) have been spent on the couch catching vomit. It seems like everyone always gets sick on Mother’s Day. Like it’s karma or something…

    1. Oh, dear Hannah. Although I hate to admit it, the best Mother’s Day present ever might be an uninterrupted dinner and a full night’s rest at a hotel.

  3. I love this idea! I think my plan for mothers day is to have my kids make this card for their grandmothers! It is a bummer but I have to work on mothers day 😦 I just don’t have enough time saved up to take the day off. Oh well!

  4. Can’t celebrate mother’s day but think this is a great combination of fun and learning!

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