Over the moon for Over the Moon

Let’s face it, first-time moms need lots of “stuff:” diaper pails, car seats, pack ‘n plays and more. But if it’s a mom’s second or third baby, she might be up to her eyeballs in onesies and bibs. Finding just the right gift can be a struggle.

Enter The Broadway Lullaby Project’s collection, Over the Moon. You can choose from the 26-song CD of lullabies written and sung by some of Broadway’s greatest talents or the 17-song CD packaged with a 46-page hardcover book illustrated by children’s book greats like Gregory Christie, Paul Zelinsky, John J. Muth and Melissa Sweet. No matter what you choose, a portion of your dollars will fund two breast cancer charities, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Young Survival Coalition, as well as the Public Interest Projects.

Jill Nicolette, a young mother who died of breast cancer at 45, inspired this project. Her cousin, Kate Dawson, a writer, singer, actor and mother, conceived the project as a way to marshal the Broadway community and honor Jill. As she says in the book, “As a new mother, I love singing to my son, and so I like to think of this collection of lullabies as a way of singing to Jill’s children, since she no longer can.”

As a friend of many young women who have faced breast cancer or who are currently struggling, I can think of no better gift for new moms. This beautiful collection is now one of my go-to gifts for the mom who has almost everything.

10 thoughts on “Over the moon for Over the Moon”

  1. So touching. A group of friends and I once recorded stories read in German for our friend’s little girl after the long battle was lost. Thanks for this post Kirsten.

    1. I am so sorry you lost your friend, Julie. We have a friend who is currently fighting, so I know efforts like these make a big difference in terms of raising money for research and support.

  2. It’s a great book, chock full of writers, illustrators, artists — a great way to encourage lullaby singing (which I believe strongly in, because of my own childhood experience), and above all, the cause is perfect. I’m so glad to see you promoting it!

    1. I have so many friends who are having their second and third babies. I’m always at a loss for the perfect gift. I just love the idea of giving something and giving back at the same time — especially when the cause is one that affects so many young women.

  3. Dear Kristen,
    Thank you so much for this wonderful post! It means more than you know.
    With much love and appreciation,
    Kate Dawson : )

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