Food, Outside


Dear Blogosphere friends,

It’s summer. Days are long. Nights are warm. The kids are out of school. And there’s just too much beach going, pool swimming, fruit picking, firefly watching and other summer fun happening to be tied to the computer.

So, I’m declaring a blog-cation until August 1st. I won’t blog regularly, but maybe occasionally. And only if I feel like it. I’ll fall way behind on my blog reading and commenting. I won’t check Facebook. I won’t tweet (but how often do I do that anyway?). I’ll just have lots of lazy fun with my two curious kids.

In parting, here are a couple of pictures from our recent cherry picking adventure. We picked 8.25 pounds and canned 15 half pints of jam. There were enough cherries leftover for eating and making a cherry pie. Yum!


Mmmmmmm, cherries!

Ace cherry pickers (Finley with Sheyla)