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Perfect Picture Book Friday: Tutankhamun

Author/Illustrator: Demi
Publication Info: Marshall Cavendish, 2009
ISBN: 9780761455585
Source: Library copy
Intended audience: ages 9 and up
Genre: nonfiction, picture book (64 pages)
Themes/topics: Egypt, mummies, world history
Opening and synopsis: ”King Thutmose IV, who ruled from 1419 to 1386 BCE, was the great-grandfather of King Tutankhamun. As a young prince, Thutmose IV had many brothers and half-brothers who wanted to seize the throne.”
Illustrated with stunning images, this book places King Tut in his cultural and religious context. Demi tells of Tut’s ancestors, his life and tomb. Tut emerged as pharaoh at an interesting time in history. Inspired by Thutmose IV’s vision, Tut’s father, Akhenaten, did away with worship of traditional Egyptian gods in favor of monotheism. When Tut came to power, political strife ensued as two regents wrestled for control. After Tut’s death, his ultimate successor tried to erase Tut’s family from history forever. But he couldn’t destroy Tut’s hidden tomb.
Why I like this book: As obsessed as my three-year-old is with mummies, we actually knew little about King Tut’s life. Although the story line is far too advanced for preschoolers, Demi’s images can be appreciated by all ages. She’s gilded many of the images, conveying the wealth of ancient Egypt and the pharaohs.

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27 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: Tutankhamun”

  1. This looks very interesting, Kirsten, and I always love picture books that can be enjoyed by older readers. I think the picture book format makes the information so much more friendly and accessible. Thanks for sharing – we don’t have much on Egyptian history or mummies, so great addition!!!

      1. I will say, that I think children of all ages — even adults — love illustration. Cooper still prefers heavily illustrated PBs for older readers over leveled readers.

    1. I am happy that there are quite a few nonfiction PBs out there for older readers. I would even classify Candace Fleming’s books at PBs, but those are definitely for middle schoolers. I do think all the photos, illustrations, sidebars, etc. make it much easier to digest the information.

  2. Kirsten, I always loved teaching the Egyptians. Kids just love this era and this great Pharaoh. This does look like a great addition to this topic.

  3. This book is a gem Kirsten. Was looking forard to your pick and you didn’t disappointment me. I know a little about King Tut, but am anxious to get my hands on this. Glad that it is a book for older kids too. We need more. Great review and activities!

  4. I think I took this one out for my eight year old grandson once he visited and thought it was very cool. 🙂 I Love your review and that you talk about the illustrations with your three year old. (something I would do :). )

    thanks for sharing. 🙂

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