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Egyptian mummy birthday

Frequent readers of this blog know about Finley’s love affair with Egyptian mummies. Ever since he saw his first mummy at the Getty Villa, he’s been obsessed. So, when it came time to celebrate his 4th birthday, we opted for an Egyptian mummy party.

He took these mummy cupcakes to school. We spread a thin layer of icing on the cupcakes, and then used a flat tip to apply the bandages. The eyes were mini M&Ms dotted with food-safe decorator markers.

Because I couldn’t find a lot of Egyptian decorations, I used my newly acquired Silhouette to print and cut the gift bags and banner. Most of the artwork came from, which has some adorable clip art. My mom used an online hieroglyphics translator to find out what the kids’ names would be in Egyptian. The gift bags included mummy pretzel sticks made from drizzled white chocolate and M&M eyes, as well as an Egyptian activity book and bookmark from Amazon.

We planned three games. The first was a chariot race. My mom made a pharaoh costume for Spider Man. He rode in the “chariot,” which was the trailer for our wagon outfitted with a harness (thanks to my husband and mom). We timed each child as he ran the course, with the fastest child winning. There was a catch — if King TutanSpidey fell out, the child had to stop and put him back in.

Just for fun, we let the children take turns wrapping each other with toilet paper to make mummies.

Finally, I downloaded The Bangles’ “Walk Like an Egyptian” for a modified version of musical chairs. Instead of chairs, I printed out Egyptian clip art and glued it to card stock. The children had to scramble for squares instead of chairs. Those who were “out” got to walk like an Egyptian on the sidelines.

For the cake, we baked a sheet cake and covered it with icing and graham cracker “sand.” We cut graham crackers to make pyramids and then added a Nile river. We used LEGO Pharaoh’s Quest figures for decoration.

The birthday was a success!

22 thoughts on “Egyptian mummy birthday”

    1. We did have a lot of fun. I think we had as much fun with the chariot race as the kids did. And “walking like an Egyptian” was pretty fun too. Thanks for stopping by!

  1. Whoa, that sounded like a brilliant party Kirsten. Wish I was Loved the ideas you came up with for games and the cupcakes look terrific. Being a cake decorator, I would love to have seen the cake, it sounds wonderful. You are very creative, no wonder it was a success!

    1. Wow, you decorate cakes as well. I find it interesting how many creative people have so many creative outlets. Finley had fun, which was the most important thing. And Mom and I always have fun putting the birthday parties together.

  2. Happy Birthday, Finley! I saw something similar on Pinterest. How fantastic to have a birthday near Halloween, the ideas for cupcakes are endless or headless boo haa haa!

    1. I know, I was hoping to find more mummy stuff I could repurpose since the Halloween decorations are in stock. Sadly, just not enough mummy stuff was available!

    1. He was SO happy to be wrapped up as a mummy with toilet paper. Then he made us crown him with his pharaoh crown.

  3. it turned out awesome Kirsten!!! I am so glad the Silhouette worked and it made the party fun and doable for you!!

  4. So cool! Love the cupcake and baggie ideas, but the toilet paper must have been the most fun! One of my daughter’s classmates went as a mummy for Halloween back in third grade – his mom had to come in and ‘wrap’ him up for the party!

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