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Perfect Picture Book Friday: The Beetle Book



PUBLICATION INFO: Houghton Mifflin, April 2012

ISBN: 978-0-547-68084-2

SOURCE: Library

INTENDED AUDIENCE: 4 and up, though this is more appropriate for elementary-school students

GENRE: picture book (nonfiction)

OPENING and SYNOPSIS: “Line up every kind of plant and animal on Earth … and one of every four will be a beetle.”

Beloved author/illustrator Steve Jenkins crafts an encyclopedic book about beetles.

THEMES/TOPICS: science, beetles, bugs/insects

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: Steve Jenkins’s illustrations reveal the beauty and diversity of the humble beetle. Unlike many of his other books, there is no narrative line, and he does not rely on layered text. This is a book to be savored, one spread at a time rather than read all at once.


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28 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: The Beetle Book”

  1. Wow, the opening is intriguing and a fact I did not know! This would go well with Lee Bennet Hopkins’ anthology Nasty Bugs.

  2. eek! You guessed it, I’m not great around insects, in fact anything that is tiny, has more than two legs, and moves…lol. But I can see kids would love this and your links, especially boys. The cover is very eye catching.

  3. Beetles scare me. They’re too creepy crawly and the ones on this book look like they have those big pinchers! But I recently came across a story on the internet about a lady who does artwork with beetles. Jennifer Angus. Pretty wild stuff.

  4. It’s entirely possible that I don’t feel sufficiently appreciative of beetles… 🙂 I should probably read this book! Does a ladybug count as a beetle? I do like them! I’m sure lots of kids will find this fascinating – thanks so much for adding it to our list!

  5. I think the NY Times just listed this as a best illustrated book. We’ve currently got this book on hold at the library and waiting our turn. I think my son is going to love it! Thank you for doing a write-up about it. It makes me look forward to reading it all the more.

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