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Perfect Picture Book Friday: Llama, Llama Holiday Drama

TITLE: Llama, Llama Holiday Drama


PUBLICATION INFO: Penguin’s Viking, 2010

ISBN: 978-0670011612

SOURCE: Personal library


GENRE: picture book (fiction)


“Llama Llama holidays.

Jingle music. Lights ablaze.”

All the watching and waiting for ONE DAY, sends little Llama into a tantrum. Will Mama help Llama remember what the holiday season is all about?

THEMES/TOPICS: Christmas, holidays, family

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: This is hands-down one of my favorite Christmas books. I tend to get overloaded during the holiday season with baking, parties, Christmas pageants and shopping. Occasionally I find myself in a Llama-like tantrum. This book always reminds me to slow down and give my loved ones a snuggle.


  • Why not bake some Christmas cookies with your little ones and share them with family and friends?
  • Make some snowflakes and tape them on the window just like Llama Llama.
  • Llama Llama makes a candle jar. Here are some great gifts you and your little ones can make out of jars.
  • Anna Dewdney’s site has printables from the book.
  • Take time out for a snuggle.

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12 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: Llama, Llama Holiday Drama”

  1. Oooo, sounds adorable! I’ve seen this series but didn’t know there was a holiday version. Thanks for showcasing a book for our collections that’ll help kids and their grown ups remember what the season is all about.

  2. This was actually the first Llama Llama book we read and my daughter loved it (and I liked it a lot, too). It’s a fun one.

  3. Well, Kirsten, you know I love ANYthing Llama Llama 🙂 Pretty sure my first PPBF post ever was Llama Llama Misses Mama – or maybe it was my 2nd, but it was early on there! Love this one too! Thanks so much for adding it to our list 🙂

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