Erik’s Choose Your Own Adventure

ErikBannerIf you have arrived in the middle of the adventure, you may start at the beginning by going HERE

Erik chooses to tackle the ooze:

Benton shook his head and snorted as they watched the bubbling black goop in the path they needed to follow.

Erik said, “Well, boy, I hope you’re good at jumping!”

Benton skittered backwards. Jumping things that looked like boiling cauldrons was not in his pony contract.

“You can do it, boy. I’ve got your back. Well, I’m on your back. That’s almost the same thing. Come on, let’s back up and take a run at it.” Erik tugged on Benton’s reins, and the pony backed up several paces, then started toward the obstacle, first at an easy lope, then at a faster canter.

“Up and….” Erik hoped they wouldn’t land in the middle of that horrid goo. “YES! We’re over!”

Benton slowed his pace. His heart was thundering as loudly as his hooves had been just moments before.

“Whoa!” shouted Erik. Benton planted his hooves firmly on the ground. He didn’t need any command. He wasn’t going any further!

In front of them was a dragon’s cave, complete with dragon. AND there was the black horse!

To enter the clearing, click HERE.

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