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Perfect Picture Book Friday: What to Expect When You’re Expecting Hatchlings

It’s Perfect Picture Book Friday, my favorite day of the week! This week, I picked a book I have been studying closely for voice and structure. I’m revising a tongue-in-cheek nonfiction manuscript, and Heos’s work provides inspiration, especially when I’m trying to get into the voice.


AUTHOR: Bridge Heos

ILLUSTRATOR: Stephane Jorisch

PUBLICATION INFO: Lerner’s Millbrook Press, 2012

ISBN: 978-0-7613-5860-2

SOURCE: Library


GENRE: faction (nonfiction/fiction blend)


“Congratulations, crocodilian parents-to-be! You have little ones on the way. You must be thrilled! You’re probably a little nervous too.”

From the publisher’s Website:

“Read this book to find out where to lay your eggs, how you’ll know when the babies are ready to hatch, and what you and your babies will do all day long. Whether you’re an alligator, caiman, crocodile, or even a funny-looking gharial, you’ll find answers to all your parenting questions here. But there’s one condition: don’t eat the book!”

THEMES/TOPICS: crocodilians, reptiles, animals, nature, science

WHY I LIKE THIS BOOK: Heos makes informational books fun for kids AND parents. As a parent who devoured What to Expect When You’re Expecting, this animal spoof is irresistible.


The book features many resources in the backmatter. Here are a few others:

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32 thoughts on “Perfect Picture Book Friday: What to Expect When You’re Expecting Hatchlings”

  1. My daughter is a whiz at discriminating between alligator, caiman, crocodile, and gharials! Hurray for non-fiction!

    I still find them all confusing. 🙂 I’d better read this quick!

      1. Oh that sounds even better! I keep forgetting which is U.S. I should just think Crocodile Dundee is obviously Aussie.

  2. Great non-fiction choice about reptiles. Sounds like it’s packed with interesting information that we don’t think about. Sounds like a great book for kids about the natural world. You always finds great books.

  3. This is so funny, Kirsten…when I saw the title on Susanna’s PPBF list, I only saw the first few words…and wondered why you were reviewing a book for new parents.:) 🙂

    I think the title is quite clever…I’m sure many people will click on it, thinking it will be the expected expectant book.:)

    I’ve never heard of this one or the author…I’ll try to get a copy…it sounds really interesting…a great way to introduce some nature education in a fun way.:)

  4. I love true fiction. Or as you call it faction. IS that a new genre? I may be writing one and not know it. thanks for adding this delightful book to the list, Julie. It sounds funny enough to delight even the most reluctant reader. 🙂

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