RX: Digestion Investigation

Soup  2

Last week was Teacher Appreciation Week. I had prepared a science activity for the kindergarten class. I had planned to help out in the classroom while the teacher went to a special luncheon.

Then, life took over. Both kids got sick, and we were stuck at home. The worst part was Cooper’s disappointment at not being at school for the science experiment.

Fortunately, it was a case of internet to the rescue! While Cooper’s class watched THE MAGIC SCHOOLBUS: FOR LUNCH on DVD, I was able to pull up the same episode on Youtube.

After watching the show, we did this SID THE SCIENCE KID “Digestion Investigation.” All you need is a zip-top bag (stomach), lemon juice (stomach acid), crackers (food) and the patience to see what happens. Fortunately, we had all the saltines we needed, and chicken soup too.

Cooper didn’t miss a thing, and Finley was able to participate. Watching the TV show and doing the experiment filled up 45 minutes of a very long day with two sick boys. And they learned a lot about the digestive system. What fun!

8 thoughts on “RX: Digestion Investigation”

  1. Wow! I got to watch that Magic Schoolbus video too! At school with 2nd graders. It was pretty cool. I sure wanted to see that kid barf!! Sounds like y’all had fun at home. Hope everybody is feeling better now.

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