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First Fruits


Picking juicy, ripe fruit is a beloved summer and fall activity. We’ve just enjoyed our first cherries of the season from our local “u-pick” orchards. We picked at least eight and a half pounds, and I think I have a good 3 hours of pitting ahead of me. Pie and preserves are on the way. What’s your favorite summertime fruit? Do you have any recipes to share?


11 thoughts on “First Fruits”

      1. The western slope of the Rockies is a famous region for stone fruits too – at least locally, but I grow ‘soft stuff’ in my yard. Short lived, but easiest are black raspberries. I think I may even have some growing through the back fence into thew alley this year!

    1. That’s probably the healthiest way, Susanna. We are doing homemade vanilla ice cream today with cherries and chocolate chunks. It’s definitely not health food.

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