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Summer Fun Toolkit: Animal Research Writing

One of my favorite blogs is Mrs. Clancy’s Joyful Learning in KC. She does writing workshops with her kindergarteners and provides templates on her site. That way you can help your budding writers at home.

I’ve been using some of Ms. Clancy’s ideas to harness Cooper’s curiosity and keep his writing skills up to snuff this summer. Right now he is working on Animal Research Writing. His book is called BLACK JAGUARS. Here is his first page.


9 thoughts on “Summer Fun Toolkit: Animal Research Writing”

  1. Love how he spelled endangered! I also like getting free things off Teachers Pay Teachers and printed some tadpole journals for the kids as they caught 2 tadpoles, and we tracked their progress. However, last week both died just as they had 4 new legs. 😦

      1. Great poem prompt! I’ll do that book idea with Matthew. He needs the practise. He’s got a notepad/ spy book where he writes how to get things off Hannah 😉

      2. Oh, a spy book sounds super fun too! Mrs. Clancy has lots of fun writing ideas on her site. In another one, kids interview a teacher (though you could do it with a neighbor) and write the story of that person’s day.

  2. I can’t resist modifying your quote to say: “The best part of being a teacher to elementary school students is learning about our world in a playful way every day.” The reason I can’t resist is that every year around springtime, I learn about animals or people right along with my students. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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