New Issues: ODYSSEY and ASK

ODYSSEY (January 2014)
ODYSSEY (January 2014)

New issues of ASK and ODYSSEY are on their way packed with new information about Mars. Do you wonder how people might survive a trip to the Red Planet? Hint: It might require drinking cleaned and recycled pee. Are you curious about whether life ever existed on Mars? If if did, it sure didn’t look like you and me. Check out my stories, “Adventures in Extreme Recycling” (ASK) and “Calling All Martians” (ODYSSEY).

Merry Christmas!

ASK (January 2014)
ASK (January 2014)


7 thoughts on “New Issues: ODYSSEY and ASK”

  1. How exciting, Kristen! I’m proud of you! Our English bookstore in Seoul sometimes carries some of the Carus magazines, and so I’ll check and see if they have either of those in January. What a great Christmas present for you!

    1. Oh, it would be fun if you can find them. Unfortunately, Barnes and Noble doesn’t carry them anymore, at least not here. I do feel very blessed indeed this holiday season. Have a merry one, Tina.

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