Palms Up for Receiving


I used to teach yoga ages ago. I was never good at practicing at home on my own, so when the kids were born and the local yoga studio moved, I stopped practicing. Now I’m delighted to be back in yoga class twice a week thanks to two yoga-instructor moms from my kids’ school.

Yoga’s mindfulness and gentle acceptance have been a godsend as I query literary agents with my writing in hopes of receiving an offer of rep. For those who are unfamiliar with this process, check out this post, Trying to Find a Literary Agent Is The Worst Thing Ever.

The only thing the author doesn’t mention is the endless Twitter pitch contests where you try to get agents to “favorite” your book pitch. No favorites makes you feel like not getting picked for the basketball team. Seriously, I don’t think my palms were this sweaty in high school!

As I send out email after email to agents and post pitch after pitch, I’m reminded to keep palms up for giving and receiving — giving my best to the world and receiving whatever agents and the world have to offer. Both yoga and writing are a journey, perfected each and every day.


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