Summer Fun-Coding Class

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We’ve all become a little frustrated trying to program our Mindstorm robot because we don’t understand the basics of programming. So, one of my goals for this summer was to work through’s Code Studio, a series of free, online coding classes designed for kids and adults so we can learn the basics.

The basics???

Well, it’s been 2 hours today, and I can’t get the boys off the iPads. They are moving through the lessons so fast I lost track of their progress. It’s a good thing keeps track though, so they can pick it up again later.

Finley even sent me one of the video games he created. Here’s the game if you want to check it out. (Note: I have not figured out how to win this one. Finley tells me not to move left or the Stormtroopers will appear and kill me.)


Summer Fun – Learning to Cook

IMG_3120It’s day one of summer vacation! Woo hoo! No hurrying, no rushing, no (ok, less) nagging! Now it’s all about keeping the kids busy. This summer we will try tennis, ride horses, take swim lessons, and go on lots of field trips. I am also teaching the kiddos to cook.

For a couple of months the boys have been making their own breakfasts and packing their own lunches with help. They have a chart with breakfast and lunch ideas, and they pick one item from each column, like fruit, dairy, main dish, etc.

I’m hoping to build their confidence in the kitchen this summer using ChopChop Magazine’s Cooking Club and recipes. This morning, the boys became “Blender Bosses.” Cooper made the Berry Bold Banana Smoothie, while Finley made his own, dubbed “Fruit Ninja” (banana, orange, mango with chia seeds). Side benefit: Finley, normally quite picky, drank his entire smoothie because he made it himself.


Tomorrow the boys will make Black Bean and Corn Quesadillas and Ole! Guacamole for dinner. I ordered these kid-friendly knives so I would not be as nervous about letting them chop.

I’m also printing out and collecting all their recipes into a looseleaf binder so they have their own cookbook.

What are you doing to keep your kids busy this summer?