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Dear blog readers,

I’m back! First, my apologies if you are subscribed to my blog via email. You are going to get many, many emails over the next couple of days, as I move my archive of #MentorTextMoment posts from Instagram to this site for better searchability. I promise in about a week, you won’t get more than an email every week or two from me. Now, on to content.w204

The Book:


Author/Illustrator: Martin Jenkins, illos. by Satoshi Kitamura

Publication Info.: Candlewick, 2019

Categories: Nonfiction, expository, humorous voice

What’s noteworthy for authors and educators:

How do we deal with difficult topics in #nonfiction. Martin Jenkins deals with death offstage in BEWARE THE CROCODILE. In other words, it happens between the pages, and the reader doesn’t see it. Instead, Jenkins muses, “What happens next is rather gruesome. In fact it’s so gruesome that we should skip the details. Let’s just say there’s a lot of twirling and thrashing, and then things go a bit quiet.” The reader gets the suggestion of death with humor and without the gory details.

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