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#MentorTextMoment: NINE MONTHS

91gi7j7qbelThe Book:


Author/Illustrator: Miranda Paul, illustrations by Jason Chin

Publication Info.: Neal Porter Books (Holiday House), 2019

Ages/Grades: ages 4 to 8

Category: lyrical, chronological expository

Overview (from the publisher):

“Join a family of three who spend nine whole months waiting, from a frosty winter through a sun-dappled summer, until finally . . . a baby is here.

A soon-to-be big sister and her parents prepare for the arrival of a new baby in the family. Alternating panels depict what the family is experiencing in tandem with how the baby is growing, spanning everything from receiving the news about the new baby to the excitement of its arrival.

In this pregnancy book unlike any other one out there, watch what’s actually happening through meticulously detailed, actual size illustrations, perfectly paired with a lyrical yet informative text, and culminating in a warm, joyful birth scene. ”

What’s noteworthy for authors and educators:

Beautiful back matter! Sparse, lyrical text paired with five pages of back matter that provides additional information line-by-line and oh so much more. It just goes to show you that you can keep your story very spare and simple without sacrificing content.

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