✈✈ Thanks for helping WOOD, WIRE, WINGS take off! 💥💥


Wood, Wire, Wings

takes off!

Thanks so much to everyone who came to my Barnes and Noble book launch and helped raise money for Valley View Elementary School. It was such a thrill to see so many family, friends, and young readers. It’s not too late to support Valley View’s school library by buying a book of your choice at BN.com and using the school’s bookfair ID at checkout. See the graphic below for where to enter the ID. The fundraiser ends 3/7.

Support books you love without spending a dime

I know that not everyone will be able to buy my book, but please know there are SO MANY other ways you can help authors like me. Here’s a great post from LitReactor about how to support your favorite books without spending a dime.

  • Consider asking your library to buy the book.
  • No matter where you read the book, please review it at the book retailer of your choice. This helps others discover the book.
  • If you see the book in a bookstore or library, turn it face out on the shelf.
  • Take a selfie with the book and share it on social media.

I’ll be honest, I have so many author/illustrator friends, and I can’t buy all of their books. BUT these are some of the things I do to support them.

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