A lively exploration of recent women’s history as well as the creation of an iconic female superhero.

Kirkus starred review

This is an engaging addition to the superhero canon and packs quite a punch for everyday women heroes.

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A TRUE WONDER: The Comic Book Hero Who Changed Everything in 30 seconds


By Kirsten W. Larson

Illustrated by Katy Wu


ISBN 9780358238423

Available Sep. 28, 2021

A behind-the-scenes look at the creation and evolution of Wonder Woman, the iconic character who has inspired generations of girls and women as a symbol of female strength and power.

Perhaps the most popular female superhero of all time, Wonder Woman was created by Bill Marston in 1941, upon the suggestion of his wife, Elizabeth. Wonder Woman soon showed what women can do—capture enemy soldiers, defeat criminals, become president, and more. Her path since has inspired women and girls while echoing their ever-changing role in society. Now a new group of devoted young fans enjoy her latest films, Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984, and await a third installation being planned for theatrical release. This exceptional book raises up the many women who played a part in her evolution, from Elizabeth Marston to writer Joye Hummel to director Patty Jenkins, and makes clear that the fight for gender equality is still on-going.

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