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Short Bio:

Kirsten used to work with rocket scientists at NASA. Now she writes about rocket science — and just about any science — for kids. Kirsten is the author of more than 25 children’s books. In Spring 2020, Calkins Creek will publish her debut picture book, WOOD, WIRE, WINGS, a biography of Emma Lilian Todd, the first woman to successfully design and engineer a working airplane. Illus. by Tracy Subisak. Kirsten lives near Los Angeles with her husband, lhasa-poo, and two curious kids. Her house is filled with LEGOs, laughter, and lots of books!

Check out her posts on the Sub It Club Blog or join her on Twitter or Facebook. Click here to sign up for occasional news and updates about Kirsten’s books, speaking engagements, and more. She also serves as a nonfiction and query corner “elf” for Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 Picture Book Writing Challenge.

Long Bio:

Kirsten spent six years at NASA, where she handled public relations for the Space Shuttle and Space Station programs, as well as a number of aviation projects. She also has worked as a nonprofit fundraiser, grant writer, and college instructor.

Faced with the prospect of two school-age children, Kirsten pondered what to do when she grew up. Then she decided not to grow up and write books for children instead. She is the author of more than 25 books for the school and library market. In Spring 2020, Calkins Creek will publish her debut picture book, WOOD, WIRE, WINGS, a biography of Emma Lilian Todd, the first woman to successfully design and engineer a working airplane. Illus. by Tracy Subisak.

Kirsten enjoys yoga, walking her dog, and traveling. She also works on issues of social justice and homelessness in her community and is a Cub Scout den leader.

Kirsten graduated from the University of Virginia with a double major in English Language and Literature and History. Her undergraduate thesis on American portraiture in the Early Republic was published in the journal, Essays in History. Her writing also has appeared in The Daily Press (Newport News, Va.), The Virginian-Pilot and Ledger-Star (Virginia Beach, Va.), The Cavalier Daily (Charlottesville, Va.) and Aviation Illustrated. She is the winner of a Virginia Press Association Award (3rd Place) for a series she co-wrote called, Thomas Jefferson’s Vision of UVa.  She holds an MBA from the University of Maryland.

Kirsten is represented by Lara Perkins of Andrea Brown Literary.

19 Replies to “About Kirsten”

  1. Hi Kirsten,

    I just want to thank you for the wonderful review of Neo Leo. What a nice way to start the holiday weekend. You may be happy to hear that my new book on Edison’s inventions comes put in July.
    By the way, I lived in Charlottesville for three years – its a beautiful place, isn’t it?
    Thanks again.

    1. Wow, I am so flattered that you stopped by to visit, Gene. I am making a note in my calendar to get my hands on your Edison book when it comes out (or even preorder it if I can). I also have “Now and Ben” on my “to read” list so you may see that on Perfect Picture Book Friday in the future.
      And yes, Charlottesville is beautiful. My husband was just there for a management class, and I was very envious. I’m hoping to get there with my boys in a couple of years for a visit.

  2. Hi Kirsten, I saw that someone kindly recommended “Over the Moon: the Broadway Lullaby Project.” I’m working with the folks behind that charity project and if I’d love to send you a copy if you like. Please let me know! It really is a remarkably beautiful book, and includes a CD of original lullabies sung by a wonderful collection of Broadway performers.

    1. Hi Regina! Your project sounds like a good match for curious kids. I fondly remember listening to show tunes with my mom growing up. Could you send me an email at creatingcuriouskids (at) gmail (dot) com? Then I can respond with my mailing address.

  3. Kirsten…your review of Show Me How brought me to FINALLY read your “about” page…how glad I am that I did! You are an amazing woman…I was happy to connect with you before…now I am over the moon. 🙂 10K in 59:31, yoga, MBA…aaaaccckkkk! Are you sure you are not aka Wonder Woman. 🙂

  4. Hi Kirsten

    My name is Shane D. Williams, author of “All Mixed Up! a motley horde of funny poems”. You showed some interest in the book when Erik from “This Kid Reviews Books” reviewed it…. so I thought that I would let you know that it is on sale right now for the thanksgiving weekend over at shanedwilliams.com – no pressure of course, just thought I’d let you know…. thanks and happy writing!

  5. Kirtsen, popped over to say hi and thanks for visiting my PPBF blog post. Wow, NASA! Writing children’s books isn’t quite rocket science but I can see where you will get lots of inspiration for your science writing 🙂

    1. Hi right back at you, Emily! I love that so many of us in children’s writing come from such disparate worlds. I’ve met former engineers, lawyers, scientists. Welcome to our happy little PPBF group.

  6. Thank you so much for visiting our class today for Read Across America. What an amazing book! I can’t wait to add the whole series to my collection. The students thoroughly enjoyed listening to you read such fascinating facts. They are anxious to have you back in the future and would love it if you could stay a little longer and play with our LEGO collection.

    1. Hi Aniko, I had a blast too. You have a wonderful group of students. I did send you a follow up email to your school address with the answer to one of your student’s questions about the frog with the claws. And yes, the next time I come, we will definitely play LEGOs.

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