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Creating curious kids and nurturing budding writers…


The Common Core places ever-increasing demands on children to write informational/expository texts, opinion pieces, and narratives. Let me share my enthusiasm for writing “true stories.” Students learn how to hunt down ideas, conduct research, and craft captivating nonfiction.

Truth is stranger than fiction (and more fun too!)

Space potties. Animal vampires. Mammoth bones. I’ve written about things “ewwww” and “cool” all in the name of science. My work includes more than 25 nonfiction books for students in kindergarten through 6th grade, as well as more than a dozen magazine articles for children’s publications like ASK, ODYSSEY, APPLESEEDS, and BOYS’ LIFE.

2018-2019 Programs

Find Your Superpower…In Books

Meet a frog with claws like Wolverine and a platypus with a special Spidey-sense. This interactive 45-minute assembly introduces students to animals with amazing speed, strength, and senses. Student volunteers don super hero costumes to help explain how animal adaptations protect them from predators or help them find and capture prey. Students also learn how being a nonfiction author is like having your own super powers. School visit programs also may include writers’ workshops for upper elementary and middle school students focused on using literary techniques to enliven nonfiction writing.

My school visits include a full day of activities (approx. 4 hours) from assemblies to writers’ workshops. Here’s the menu. You pick and choose to customize your visit:

  • Interactive 45-minute to one-hour assemblies geared toward lower elementary or upper elementary students (through 6th grade). Assemblies are designed to excite imaginations about science, “real stories,” and writing.
  • One-hour hands-on writers’ workshops aligned with Common Core State Standards, as well as science and social studies content standards. I work with small groups of students on real projects incorporating all aspects of the writing process: finding ideas, researching, writing, and revising.
  • Half-hour classroom visits to answer questions about the writing life and tell the stories behind the stories. For upper elementary students, we can do a mini writing lesson.

I am also available to sign books, eat lunch with teachers or students, and much more!

2018-2019 rates: $800 per day (single school), plus travel expenses outside of the Antelope Valley; discounts available for multiple schools within one district booked on consecutive days.

For more details and options, please download my brochure here. Or email me at creatingcuriouskids [at] gmail [dot] com.


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5 Replies to “Author Visits”

  1. Hello, I would like to know your price and availability to visit our school, Mt. Vernon on March 16, 2015. Please let me know. Thank you,

    1. And Tina, right now I do have March 16 available. My full rate is $400 plus travel for 2014-2015, but let’s talk and see if discounts apply. I also can do Skype visits for small groups at $50 per hour.

  2. Hi Kirsten,

    My article, “Give the Gift of Learning this Holiday Season” features your book, Space Robots and the SCWBI 2017 Recommended Reading List. You can check it out at Perhaps you’d like to promote the piece on social media? Could help your sales.

    Best wishes,

    Michael Thal

    P.S. Authors who subscribe to my blog are favored by me for future reviews of their work.

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