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I love to meet readers in real life. Events open to the public are noted.

May 2023

Inkwell: Palmdale’s Book & Arts Festival, May 6, 10 – 2

Including music, food, and much more, the Inkwell Book & Art Festival is a unique opportunity in Palmdale for artists and authors of all ages to display their art and share their literary works, as well as network with other local artists, authors, and the public. It is a lively family event that includes music, children’s activities, and artistic and literary opportunities for the public.  Learn more here.

June 2023

This is a graphic advertising Kirsten's Reimagining Nonfiction Picture Book workshop at The Writing Barn.

How can you make your nonfiction picture book stand out from the pack?

In this six-session course, acclaimed author Kirsten W. Larson will teach you tested techniques for revising and polishing your nonfiction picture books until they shine.

We’ll use a blend of instruction, mentor-text analysis, in-class writing exercises, and discussion to take your writing to the next level. Every student will receive a critique of a nonfiction picture book from the instructor. Learn more here.

July 2023

nErDCamp Socal — July 13-14 (Torrance High School)

nErDCamp is a free literacy-based un-conference. Participants come to both lead and listen. Learn more here.

Now scheduling…author visits

The Common Core places ever-increasing demands on children to write informational/expository texts, opinion pieces, and narratives. Let me share my enthusiasm for writing “true stories.” Students learn how to hunt down ideas, conduct research, and craft captivating nonfiction.

Why should you host a school visit? A recent survey of 600 teachers, librarians and others who hosted author school visits showed the following benefits.:

  1. Motivates students to read more (91%)
  2. Inspires creativity and expression (75%)
  3. Motivates students to write more (70%)

Read the full summary (and get the link to the full article) here.


2022-2023 Programs

Option 1: For schools, libraries, homeschool groups, clubs, after-school programs: “Engineering an Airplane,” a hands-on, STEM-based program where students become airplane engineers. (approx. 45 min. – 1 hour, for a single classroom (approx. 30 students), includes Q&A)

Using the nonfiction picture book, WOOD, WIRE, WINGS: Emma Lilian Todd Invents an Airplane, students discuss and model the NGSS Engineering Design Process to design, build, and test paper airplanes, recording their work in their engineer’s notebook.

Option 2:  For school groups “Engineering a Story” writers workshop, based upon the nonfiction picture book, WOOD, WIRE, WINGS: Emma Lilian Todd Invents an Airplane. (approx. 1 hour, large assembly or single classroom)

This highly interactive writers workshop helps students understand the close links between the creative processes of invention/engineering and writing. Using our writers’ toolbox we tweak and test our nonfiction writing transforming it from “so-so” into something that soars.

No matter which option you choose, your students will come away realizing that inventors and authors never get things right the first time. And that’s ok. If they believe in themselves and stay true to their dreams, their creations will eventually take flight.

2022-2023 rates:

  • Virtual option: One-hour, virtual session via Skype, Zoom, Meet or other platform – $250
  • Six-hour full day of school visit, including up to three assemblies, plus book signing and small classroom sessions – $1,000 a day plus travel expenses.

If this doesn’t meet your needs, let’s discuss. Email me at creatingcurioukids [at] gmail [dot] com.

Need ideas for funding an author visit? A list of resources can be found here.

For more details and options, please download my brochure here. Or email me at creatingcuriouskids [at] gmail [dot] com.

Find more amazing authors providing school visits at Kim Norman’s Cool School Visits.

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