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Author: Bonnie Pryor
Publication Info: Enslow, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-7660-3817-2
Source: Publisher-provided copy
Intended audience: grades 3 through 6
Genre: historical fiction, chapter book (160 Pages)
Themes/topics: American Revolution, pirates
Opening and synopsis: The third book in the Hannah Pritchard series finds Hannah (disguised as the ship’s cook, a boy named Jack) aboard a new ship and looking for buried treasure. But the crew isn’t the only one hunting for the treasure: American pirate Captain Cutter is searching too. Meanwhile Hannah’s crew, now part of the Continental navy, must watch out for the British in this Revolutionary War tale.
Why I like this book: Fiction is a wonderful way to learn about historical events and periods. Studies have shown that we often remember information better when it’s linked to a narrative. The Hannah Pritchard story is compelling, especially once the crew leaves Portsmouth and heads out to sea (Chapter 5). This book contains additional resources that illuminate the figures and events mentioned in the story and give sources for further reading. This helps young people separate fact from fiction, which is often difficult in not-so-well researched historical stories. Also, Hannah is a strong character and role model; she’s courageous, generous, and sticks to her principles.