Happy 1st Anniversary Rate Your Story

Do you have a story to tell? Writing for children is a common dream, but how do you know if your story has what it takes in today’s competitive market? Enter Rate Your Story.

Rate Your Story is a free manuscript ranking service. Submit your story, and an RYS judge will rank it using a scale of 1 through 10, with one being the highest. The judges also provide general comments for improving your story, though this is not a line-by-line critique. The site does have links for fee-based critique services, as well as free critique group resources.

All RYS judges are recently published authors with editing/critique experience. RYS is always looking for volunteer judges.

I’ve submitted three manuscripts to this service. Typically, I submit to my critique group first, incorporate their feedback and then submit my work to RYS only when I feel it’s publication ready. I find it helpful to have feedback from someone who doesn’t know me (and whom I don’t know). My story has to stand on its own.

I highly recommend Rate Your Story. A big shout out to Miranda Paul who started this venture.