Just for fun

Let it snow!

Southern California has been awfully sunny — and warm — this winter. Still, Finley had a “snowball” fight at school Monday without a real snowflake in sight. His teacher invited each of us to bring a bag of cotton balls. We pooled these together to make our “snow.” The kids had lots of fun throwing the snow at each other (especially at their teacher) and throwing it up in the air to mimic a snowfall. The only bummer was that we couldn’t make snowmen out of it.

If you want to try this at home, choose a room with hard surface flooring like tile or wood. You could even use your garage. It’s easier when you can sweep the snow into a pile. My mom’s school uses balled up tissue paper instead of cotton balls to make “snow.” Either way, the smiles are definitely worth the mess, especially if real snow is in short supply.