Research Book Shelf


I’m working on five books right now. That’s right…five! Here’s a picture of my research bookshelf. Anyone want to guess the topics?

14 thoughts on “Research Book Shelf”

    1. P.S. Have you read The Girl On The Train yet? I almost got it for my audible book this month, but at the last minute chose something else instead, and I’d love to know from a trusted source if it was good!

  1. Something w/Japan~WWII? Pearl Harbor? Congrats on this new contract! How did it come about? That’s A LOT of reading you have to do!!

    1. I probably won’t read all of them, I just didn’t know what I needed yet, so I put a hold on everything. I queried Capstone in late 2013. I am assuming the contract came from that. They really do keep you on file!

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